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Protect Your Business With a Fire Sprinkling System

5/3/2021 (Permalink)

Sprinkler on ceiling. You certainly hope that you'll never have a fire in your commercial property, but installing a fire sprinkler system can give you some peace of mind.

Nobody expects a fire to break out in their commercial building, but it’s important to be prepared for the unexpected. One of the ways you can protect your business in Sheridan Beach, WA  is by installing a fire sprinkler system.

How a Sprinkler System Works

Sprinklers detect heat - The mechanism that activates the sprinkler is intense heat, not smoke, so you don’t have to worry about setting off sprinklers when you burn your pizza in the lunchroom oven. As heat rises during a fire, it spreads along the ceiling. The sprinkler head is made of glass that is filled with a specially-designed liquid. When this liquid expands, due to the heat, it breaks the glass which triggers the sprinkler.
Sprinklers disperse water - The system is installed with a series of pipes filled with water. When a fire sprinkler is activated, it disperses water to douse the fire. The sprinkler system must be pressurized so that the water arches outward for more effective fire suppression.
Sprinklers minimize water damage - You certainly don’t want to deal with a lot of water damage. Thankfully, each sprinkler is designed to function independently, so that if the fire is concentrated in a small area, only one sprinkler will be triggered. This helps to minimize fire sprinkler cleanup. Sprinklers also use much less water than your fire department’s hose.

How to Install a Sprinkler System
Sprinkling systems must be installed by professionals who are trained to follow all of the codes and regulations of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). The ideal time to install sprinklers is when the building is new, but they can also be added to an existing structure. Many insurance agencies will offer discounts for buildings with sprinklers.

You certainly hope that you'll never have a fire in your commercial property, but installing a fire sprinkler system can give you some peace of mind.

Boarding Up a Building After Fire Damage

4/24/2021 (Permalink)

Board up building with yellow no trespassing yellow caution tape Board up after fire damage

Boarding Up After A Fire

From cooking accidents to electrical malfunctions, commercial fires happen every day in offices, restaurants, hotels and warehouses. Total fire damage for companies usually exceeds $2.4 billion a year, according to the National Fire Protection Association. Each situation is unique and the restoration process encompasses a variety of techniques and solutions. One common scenario is a burned building that is dangerously unsecured after a fire. In these cases, the first job of a fire mitigation company is to secure the building against additional harm.

How Boarding Up and Tarp Services Work
If the fire damage is extensive, a property might have holes in the roof, broken windows and doors and other gaps in the building envelope. This exposes the property to storms, wild animals and looting. Restoration professionals will secure the building by putting boards over the holes or placing a tarp over the roof. This is a job best left to professionals for several reasons:

  • Workers have been trained in the process
  • They have the equipment to reach unstable areas
  • They have the tools to complete the job safely
  • They know where to place the boards and tarps

Once the building is secured, technicians will get to work on restoring the property. At this point, there is less need to worry about secondary damage to the building.

How the Fire Cleanup Process Continues
After the initial inspection and assessment, trained workers will often move on to water removal and drying. This is often necessary due to the impacts of fire sprinkler systems or fire crews. This is followed by the removal of soot and smoke damage from all surfaces. A cleaning and sanitizing stage helps return the building and its contents to good condition. Restoration repairs damage to drywall and other structures.
After a blaze, fire damage can vary from fairly minor to complete devastation. A professional response will make the best of a difficult situation.

Watch Out for These Common Causes of Commercial Water Damage

4/17/2021 (Permalink)

Removed ceiling material in a Woodinville business due to a pipe burst SERVPRO of Shoreline / Woodinville can respond immediately to your commercial water damage emergency regardless of the size or scope of the damage.

Running a business is hard work for most people, but water damage, such as that caused by a broken pipe and flooding, can present a whole new set of issues. If you are a business owner in Woodinville WA make sure to look out for these common water damage causes.

Types of Problems

In a business, the causes of water damage can take many forms:

• Broken pipes

• Toilet overflows

• Supply line breaks

• Fire sprinkler system faults

When these incidents happen, it can cost a pretty penny to repair the damage. Some examples of damage include flooding, damp carpeting and drywall, standing water and mold growth. It may also be difficult to continue working in your building until everything is fixed or replaced. Therefore, it’s important to keep an eye out for these issues and call water repair experts if you notice anything that could result in potential water damage.

Dealing With Commercial Water Damage

If your business has water damage from a broken pipe or a supply line break, it’s imperative to call a commercial water damage restoration team to handle the situation and restore your business to its original condition. When working on repairing your business, a professional team should be able to perform these services:

• Extracting standing water and drying your building

• Drying and dehumidifying to remove remaining moisture in carpets and walls

• Sanitizing to clean your belongings and eliminate odors

• Restoring to repair affected areas or initiating reconstruction based on how severe the damage is

Taking these steps can ensure your building will be safe and clean. This is imperative for you and your employees when you return to work.

Owning a business is difficult, but preparation is important to make sure that you’re ready for any future issues, such as a broken pipe, that may happen down the road. That way, you’ll be able to take the necessary steps to solve problems like water damage, whether it’s caused by natural disasters or internal structural issues. Give SERVPRO of Shoreline/Woodinville a call for more information on commercial water damage services.

How To Avoid Accidental Activation of Your Fire Sprinklers

4/13/2021 (Permalink)

Water sprinkler system and removed materials in an apartment in Shoreline, WA. From a minor leak to a natural disaster, SERVPRO of Shoreline/Woodinville is here to help.

Thorough and consistent sprinkler maintenance is essential in Woodinville, WA. Not only is maintenance important to ensure your fire sprinkler system operates properly if a fire starts, it is also a key factor in the prevention of sprinkler system malfunctions, including accidental activation. For as much damage as a fire can cause, accidental activation of fire sprinklers can be costly as well. To help prevent unintentional activation of your sprinkler system, keep these five factors in mind.

1. Perform Regular Maintenance

Routine inspections and maintenance must be performed appropriately. Otherwise, regular wear and tear may not be addressed in a timely manner, which can increase the likelihood of accidental activation. Regular maintenance in accordance with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards can help alleviate this risk.

2. Prevent Freezing

If your sprinkler pipes freeze, the ice within them can damage the components of the sprinkler system and trigger accidental discharge of water once the ice melts. Sprinkler pipe routes should be assessed for freeze potential prior to installation. Antifreeze loops can be installed to help prevent freezing.

3. Address High Heat Areas

Identify sprinkler heads located near areas of high heat. Even without a fire, it may be possible for those sprinklers to reach a temperature high enough to unintentionally activate your system. In such locations, you should use sprinklers rated for higher temperatures.

4. Plan Ahead for Aging Parts

As your system ages, corrosion of pipes, fittings, and valves can become a concern. While routine inspections and sprinkler maintenance should identify issues in time to address them, it is important to be aware of these risks and plan for them in advance.

5. Exercise Caution and Care

Treat your sprinkler system with care. Do not hang items from pipes or sprinkler heads, paint over them, or otherwise modify your system without professional support.

Properly installed and maintained sprinkler systems are a key component in mitigating the risk of damage from both water and fire. Every business owner wants to be confident that his or her fire sprinklers will activate only in the event of an actual fire. Regular sprinkler maintenance with careful attention to detail can help prevent accidental activations. 

4 Steps To Fix a Toilet That Won’t Stop Flushing

4/10/2021 (Permalink)

Air movers and drying equipment set up in the bathroom of a Shoreline, WA apartment. Water loss can come in many forms and leave a lasting impact unless taken care of immediately.

A commercial toilet connected to a flushometer may not stop flushing. A sediment blockage in a manual or automatic flushometer can cause the system to constantly run water or result in a toilet overflow. A facilities manager should take these four steps to stop a toilet.

1. Shut Off the Water Supply to the Flushometer

Look for a flat screwdriver slot on the left or right side of a manual or automatic flushometer. Turn the slot to shut off the flow of water and prevent a toilet overflow.

2. Clean or Replace a Manual Flushometer Gasket

Use a wrench to loosen the top lid of a manual flushometer and finish unscrewing the lid by hand. Remove the flange cover and inspect the condition of the gasket. If it is covered in sediment, this could be causing the toilet to flush constantly. Remove and clean the gasket and weep hole before reassembling the flushometer.

3. Clean or Replace an Automatic Flushometer Diaphragm Kit

After turning off the water supply to an automatic flushometer, press and hold the button or manual flush control. Clicking noises two seconds apart indicate that the diaphragm kit requires cleaning or replacement. The solenoid may also need to be serviced.

4. Contact a Plumber If the Toilet Is Still Flushing

If cleaning or replacing the gasket in a manual flushometer or diaphragm kit in an automatic model does not solve the problem, the property owner or manager should contact a commercial plumber. Regular flushometer maintenance can limit water wastage and reduce the risk of a toilet flood.

Once a facilities manager learns how to stop a toilet, it may be easier to prevent flushing or toilet overflow problems. If a toilet malfunction or sewer backup occurs, the property owner or manager should contact a plumber and a water damage mitigation and restoration service located in Shoreline, WA.

The Right Way To Restore Water Damage After a Roof Leak

4/9/2021 (Permalink)

Mold growth behind baseboard. Mold after storm damage.

Water Damage Restoration

Water damage to your commercial building in Bothell, WA, comes in many shapes and forms, from minor water leaks to true catastrophes. A roof leak is one of the more common avenues whereby water penetrates your building envelope. As with everything, there is a right way and a less effective way to handle incoming water from your roof system. A trained and experienced storm mitigation franchise in your area is likely to have this scenario down to an efficient process.

First Things First
An experienced crew will arrive quickly at your property and do a fast inspection and assessment of the entire situation. They will then develop a plan to deal with the roof leak and other concerns. They will prioritize what should be done first, focusing on the following concerns:

  • The safety of all employees and customers
  • The presence of standing water
  • The repair of the damaged roof
  • The removal of water with wet vacuums
  • The drying out of wet areas

By following an orderly process, technicians will complete the most important jobs first. This is done to limit damages and to prevent additional damages.

Last Things Last
When the situation is under control, the technicians will make sure things are in place for a successful restoration of your building. They will replace missing shingles on the roof if necessary. Workers will use safe and effective cleaning agents to wipe down surfaces and remove unhealthy residues caused by the incoming water. Wet materials will be thrown out, and the restoration of damaged drywall and other structures will be completed. They will make sure all odors have been addressed, and that no moist areas remain to allow for mold growth. The roof leak will be closed so that any subsequent storms will not result in water damage. An orderly process by restoration professionals is the smart way to beat any form of storm damage.

5 Things To Teach Your Kids About Fire Safety

4/7/2021 (Permalink)

The aftermath of a kitchen fire in a Shoreline, WA home. Fire damage is disruptive and highly traumatic.

Teaching kids safety is an important factor when making an emergency fire plan for your Woodinville, WA home. One way you can help protect them is by instructing them in what to do if a fire does occur. Many firemen and fire damage restoration professionals agree that learning the following tips can help.

1. What Fire Hazards Are

One step toward preventing a home fire is to tell your children what a fire hazard is. This way they will know what items not to play with, and to tell you immediately if they see something amiss.

2. How To Stay Low

During a fire smoke and heat rise, meaning the cooler air is closer to the floor. Teaching your child to stay low can help them avoid the smoke and find fresher air.

3. How To Check a Door

One important step for kids safety during a fire is to know how to check a door before opening it. They should know to use the back of their hand to test the door’s surface for heat, and to open it only if it doesn’t seem hot.

4. What Safe Routes Are

Safe exit routes are an important part of a fire escape plan. Explain to your child where the closest exits are and how to use them safely.

5. Where to Meet Up

Instruct your child to go to a pre-selected location to meet up with you once they’re safely out of the house. This should be an easily identifiable location such as a neighbor’s porch or a fire hydrant.

In the event of a fire, kids safety is important, and by teaching your child these things, you can feel more secure knowing they understand what to do in a fire. Telling them what a fire hazard is can help prevent a fire before it starts. They should also learn to stay low, check doors before they enter a room, follow safe routes out of the house, and where to meet up with everyone else.

Commercial Building Restoration Services

3/30/2021 (Permalink)

Fan and air mover set up in the hallway of a Shoreline, WA business Commercial cleaning and restoration present unique challenges.

When fires or water damage happen, they may occur at your office or business. Who do you call? Knowing the right company to help in an emergency is important to get your Shoreline business back up and running as quickly as possible. 

SERVPRO of Shoreline/Woodinville is available 24/7 to help you restore your Pacific Northwest commercial property and get you back to business. We have the expertise, equipment, and highly trained personnel to handle your commercial water, fire, or mold damage. We can also access the resources of our national network of 1,650 Franchises to handle large commercial projects and major storm events. Learn more about our commercial restoration services:

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SERVPRO of Shoreline/Woodinville

Flooded Home in Stanwood

3/24/2021 (Permalink)

Here at SERVPRO of Seattle Northwest - SERVPRO of Shoreline/Woodinville we work closely with other SERVPRO franchise's when the need arises. We received a call from our close friends from SERVPRO of Skagit County to assist a family with a devastating water loss they had to their home while they were away on vacation. A bathroom sink had sprung a leak on the top floor of their home, flooding almost every room in their house.

We worked tirelessly in conjunction with SERVPRO of Skagit County and the customers insurance to ensure that all their needs were met in a timely and professional matter. The project went smooth and the customer was completely satisfied with the results. One of the most satisfying parts of our job is bringing happiness back to a family that has lost so much.

Prepairing for the Rain

3/21/2021 (Permalink)

Your Shoreline home's gutters help catch rainfall and ensure that it stays far away from the foundation of your home. However, they can't effectively perform their job if they're clogged with ice or debris that piled up over the course of the seasons. Clean gutters by spraying a hose through them from the bottom up. You can also use a trowel to scoop out anything that's clogging your gutters, or purchase a cleaning tool specifically designed for your gutters and attach it to your hose.

Before the rainy season begins, it's crucial that you check your home for signs of leakage. It's best to fix a leak early on, as leaving it to worsen could result in flooding, mold and mildew, and even collapsed ceilings. Scan your ceilings for water marks and look for peeling paint. You should also venture outside of your home and look at your roof for telltale signs. Check out the ridges and see if there are any cracks. Look for loose, curled or missing shingles, which can signal roof damage and allow water to enter the home.