Recent Before & After Photos

Wall Tear Down

Our team took this wall apart due to some water and mold damage. The owners of this home did not report the water leak within 48 hours, this cause mold growth t... READ MORE

Water & Mold

Our team removed this wood floor due to a water leak. Water loss goes hand in hand with mold growth. Once a water leak occurs you are pressed for time, if you d... READ MORE

After Demolition

Our team received a call regarding a mold outbreak in this home. Upon further investigation we found that the mold growth had spread much deeper than anticipate... READ MORE

Why Use Our Experts?

SERVPRO of Shoreline/Woodinville offers many restoration services. Every member of our team are experts in fire, water, and mold restoration. Did you know that ... READ MORE

Ceiling Mold Damage

Finding a potential mold infestation on your property in Woodinville, WA can cause major disruptions and stress. Due to the allergens that mold produces, it has... READ MORE

Severe Fire Damage in Woodinville, WA

This home in Woodinville, WA suffered from a severe fire loss that caused extensive damage to the entire property. Our SERVPRO of Shoreline / Woodinville team w... READ MORE

Home Removal

Our team had to not only remove the toilet, but also the vanity and sink. We make sure that every source of the water loss have been either removed or fixed. Th... READ MORE

Top Floor Fire

Apartment fires are a property managers worst nightmare. After the fire has been put out smoke and soot damage is still lingering. Being in an apartment our tea... READ MORE

Fire Destroys Floor

Apartment fire destroys not only the kitchen, but the ceiling, and the floors. We had to take up the wood flooring and the padding underneath due to smoke and s... READ MORE

Dishwasher Leak

This home in Shoreline, WA came home to find standing water after the dishwasher malfunctioned. The homeowner gave SERVPRO of Shoreline/Woodinville a call to re... READ MORE